What is this, a blog about textbooks?

I guess? Not really. This is the CampusWise blog (or CampusBlog, if you’re following along). Textbooks will come up, but this is an employee-written blog about college life, entrepreneurship, technology, and generally whatever we and our staff want to write about. Pretty much everyone that’s a part of CampusWise will write something on here at some point. It’s part of our ‘mission’ if you will, to make college life easier.

We’re ‘By Students, for Students’, and this blog is written with that in mind! You’ll find very little product-pushing, and pages and pages of articles and posts about how to survive as a college student, entrepreneur, or anything else that we do. We’re college students first and foremost; so read on.

About Austin Jones

I'm the Chief Technology Officer at CampusWise and a junior at Old Dominion University. I'm also in the US Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps, and I contribute to this blog instead of sleeping.

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