Cyber Monday: Trip, Tricks, and Deals

Do you know what day it is? Yes, it’s Monday, the day most people dread after a holidays weekend. But it’s not just any Monday, it’s Cyber Monday. All across the internet are tips, tricks, and deals to help you save the most as you shop online for yourself or for the holidays. It might be a little hard to figure out what’s right for you, but let’s see if this helps you out.

The first thing to make note of, of course, is that there may be some people who don’t have the means to stretch for Cyber Monday. That’s alright, as a matter of fact that’s what we want to make sure to acknowledge. Some ways to save on Cyber Monday.

1) Understand that you don’t have the participate in Black Friday or Cyber Monday if you don’t currently have the means for it. It’s okay, no one will judge.

2) Don’t buy things you don’t need or really want.  We understand this can be difficult but you really need to think about these things. Do you actually need new headphones? If so get those Beats by Dre (or wherever your brand loyalty lies) and treat yourself. Do you really need those piggy banks dressed up as your favorite super hero? If not, then hold back a little bit.

3) Search for the best deals. We all know how to use Google, don’t excuse yourself. Know the best deals before you buy, so you’re less likely to spend more money than you need. (And remember, if it’s too good to be true, it more than likely is).

4) Make a List and Compare prices. Use the Honey browser extension. Not only does it compare prices across different websites, but it adds coupons while you shop as well as to your cart at checkout. Not to mention the opportunity for cashback. You do this for groceries why wouldn’t you do it for Cyber Monday deals? There’s plenty of time left, don’t worry.

5) Use coupons and other deals. I’m sure there are Groupons or specific coupons for certain stores and online retailers. They live off of this day and Black Friday and last minute shoppers before Christmas. Take advantage.

Now for some of the better deals!

-Save $120 on a new TV to watch Netflix and Game of Thrones

-Need a new laptop? Save $100

-We all need some new headphones, check out this list! Here’s even a pair of Iphone 7 wireless headphones recommended by CampusWise Chief Operation Officer Max Hall, it’s a deal for only $13. 99.

-Or maybe you need a new tablet to load your books onto!

But the number one tip to save money for Cyber Monday…sell your books back to CampusWise and use the cashback on that!