How to Survive Finals Weeks

If they haven’t started already they’re coming soon: finals. That time of year where you have multiple papers, tests, and exams standing between you and a long break. And for others a December graduation. So what are some good ways to get ready for finals that will help you keep your sanity? Here are a few ways to help you survive.



Sorry for yelling, but I need to make sure you understand this. Office hours aren’t for your professors, they’re for you. If there is something you don’t understand, something you want to go over, something you want clarified, if you want an idea of what to study for the exam, etc. go to your professor’s office hours. Not only will they see that you’re clearly putting in the effort to get a good grade, but it may help you in ways you don’t immediately expect. Some professors may give you extra points because you saw them in person to figure out what has been going on. So shoot off that email to see if they’re willing to meet with you, or just show up at the time they’ve set aside. It’ll help you in the long run and your professor won’t feel that they’ve wasted the time they’ve set aside for students.

2. Study Groups


If you don’t go to office hours then you can do this. Look, I know that group projects are pretty much the bane of anyone’s existence but study groups can be very helpful. Not only do you have a group of students who may understand different parts of a subject but you can teach each other different ways to study. My personal favorite is by playing jeopardy but that’s just me. And yes, we’re all aware that at some point it would turn more into hanging out than studying but that just brings up my next tip.

3. Take Breaks.


At some point you’re going to dwell, you’re going to cram, or you’re going to become frustrated on something about your studies you can’t figure out. Take a break. Go for a walk. Listen to some music. Play a video game. Talk to a friend. Binge watch Netflix. If you spend too much time at once on your studies or last minute homework you’re going to burnout quicker than you think. So instead of cramming the night before, take multiple days and study for a few hours. Or if you’re doing last minute studying, take a break every hour or so, come back to it later, and start again. Your brain will thank you.

4. Make sure you do what needs to be done first


You have a class that you detest that has a paper due? Make sure you get that paper due before you start on a test or an exam, or even another paper, that’s not due until later. Putting things off is the last thing you want to do, and I understand it may be a task you don’t ever want to touch but if you get things done in order from what is more urgent than what can be done later you’ll thank yourself. Not only will your prioritizing make things easier in an organized way, but there’s also no need to turn in shotty work on something that had a lot of time to be done.

5. Relax


So it’s time for you to start your exams. The best piece of advice here is to relax. Get a good night sleep and don’t study the day of your final; not only will you stress yourself out but you’ll also run the risk of forgetting something you already know. But if you have to, make sure it is last minute formulas, vocab, or little things that doesn’t bring up so much anxiety.

*Also, don’t get someone to text you every thirty seconds when you’re taking an exam; not only is it distracting to yourself and others but your professor may think you’re cheating.

6. Once you’re done, sell your books back to CampusWise for some shopping money!


Good luck and Happy Holidays!