Fall vs. Spring Semester

Both the Fall and Spring semester bring plenty of fun! However, each semester offers different things to look forward to. At Campus Wise, we want you to see the best in every semester.Here are 5 differences between the Fall and Spring!

1. Summer’s Over VS. Summer’s Coming

Going into the Fall semester, you’re tan from hitting the beach but maybe not so ready to hit the books. In the Spring semester, you’re counting down the days until school’s out so you can adventure with friends!


2. Starting a New Class Year vs. Finishing a Class Year and Moving up to the Next

At the beginning of the year you may be a sophomore but by the end, you’re already getting ready for junior¬†year! Your college years go by fast, so don’t forget to enjoy them.

Start of Something New


3. The 1st Syllabus Week vs. The 2nd Syllabus Week

The 2nd one is just as fun as the first! It’s nice to have the first week of the semester to let lose before all of the¬†stress of classes begins.

South Park


4. Football Games and Tailgates vs. Spring Sporting Events

In the Fall, there’s plenty of football games and tailgates. In the Spring there are other sporting events you can attend like baseball, soccer, lacrosse and more!

College Football

5. You’ll need textbooks vs. (oh wait!) You’ll still need textbooks!

Each semester, you’ll need textbooks! As expensive as they can get, you’ll want to save as much money as you can. At CampusWise you can do that! You can sell your Fall semester textbooks in the Spring or your Spring Semester textbooks in the Fall! You can also purchase affordable textbooks from us that other people are selling. We’ll have just what you need!

Campus Wise wishes you luck on your Spring semester! Don’t forget to come to us for all of your textbook needs! Get rid of old textbooks by selling them to other students on CampusWise! Post them up on the site and get started on your savings!